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Welcome to, the UK's favourite vape store and suppliers of tanks kits, vape accessories and replacement coils. Vapourcore opened it's flagship Vape shop December 2016 at the renowned area of Holland Park W11, followed closely by Earls Court SW5, Willesden NW10, Park Royal W3, together with Camden, Bloomsbury, Holborn, Westminster, Farringdon, Fitzrovia, Covent Garden and many other locations located in Central London over the coming months, allowing you to buy your Vaping Kits or E Liquid where you are.


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Contrary to the Vype or Juul, the Resolve does not use pods. You'll need to grapple with e-liquids. Whether or not this is a plus or downside can depend on how likely you are to spill juice in your bag or on every surface of your home. Slim, the Resolve includes a pleasing crackle if you inhale - its 1,300mAh battery means that it's a option, which may work more serious or even better for dedicated smokers vapers.


Our selection of hundreds of e-liquids is placed together with thought and all the care of a wine list in a Michelin star restaurant. Browse by the flavour kind or manufacturer to traditional tobacco blends from cocktails fruits and breakfast flavours. Our experienced mixologists have concocted an array to meet the most sophisticated tastes. We just work with e-liquid producers of the maximum calibre and we never sell products.

Vapes have been linked helping individuals who've been smoking tobacco for several decades, hopefully, to finally stop the habit and, to ease off it. One study, conducted by Cancer Research UK, found that smokers who switched to vapes had experienced substantial reductions in exposure to carcinogens and other toxic compounds". And MPs have clarified vaping as a crucial weapon" against the hazards of smoking.

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